Biden needs to take effective action to prevent the radicalization of more “deplorables”

“Deplorables” was tactless (but true) political statement about t _ _ _ p supporters. But many of those deplorables became radicalized during the last four, shitty years of the t _ _ _ P administration and its enablers.

I hope that Biden includes folks on his team with the experience, creativity and know-how to put into place effective policies and practices to (1) curtail the radicalization of Americans, (2) help de-radicalize those Americans who have been radicalized and who can be de-radicalized, and (3) better protect us from those Americans who have been (or become radicalized) and who cannot be de-radicalized.

Also, here’s a photo of an eagle I saw while hiking on Oregon.

#radicalization #deplorables #de-radicalization

by Shāymus MacĀmus