Nostalgia for before times (even as an introvert)

For me, an impact of COVID-19 has been an inability to watch an entire episode of almost any TV show. Some of it is probably just because of the low-grade anxiety that is always here now. It has made me generally fidgety when watching a TV show episode.

But some of it is also because of my nostalgia for the before times. I try to watch an episode and pretty soon it does not seem real—because the characters are hanging out together. They might be hugging, eating breakfast at a diner, playing cards, laughing....all without wearing a mask. All right up close to each other. Right up in each other’s business.

And realizing that the TV show is depicting the way it was. Not the way it is now. Any maybe, just maybe, might not be again—at least not exactly the same. Realizing that, makes me nostalgic. Nostalgic and sad.

Maybe because I’m an introvert the pandemic, in some ways, has not been as personally horrible for me as for others. I don’t know. But maybe it has impacted me just as deeply as anyone else—just differently in some ways.

Also, here’s a photo a spiderweb I saw while hiking in Oregon.

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by Shāymus MacĀmus