Three Weeks of a Fountain Pen

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.


But I wanted to start journaling again. So I “resolved” to do so, starting January 1, 2021.

I used this an an excuse to try using a fountain pen—for the first time. And I used that an an excuse to research fountain pens, so I could decide which one to buy and use. Eventually, I opted for a Sailor 1911, the “Loch Ness” version. Sailor is a respected fountain manufacturer, and the 1911 is a top-rated model (based on my research). I personally liked the “1911” moniker because that was the year my grandpa was born. I liked the “Loch Ness” part of this version’s name because it ties in nicely with my Scottish heritage.

I also used this as an opportunity to research and invest in a nice journal. I opted for a very simple Midori journal—the MD Notebook Journal A5, 1 day/1 page, dot grid. Relatively inexpensive. It’s a spartan journal, but that’s exactly why I like it.

So now, after three weeks of using the Sailor 1911, I can truthfully report that I love it, and love using it. It’s fun to use. It’s fun to fill the ink cartridge thingy. It “feels” good on the page. It makes my penmanship look better than it really is. I look forward to journaling every day.

Because this is my first fountain pen, I cannot compare it to other fountain pens. But for journaling, in my opinion, a fountain pen (or at least this fountain pen, for me) makes for a more mindful, reflective writing process. And, for me, that’s a major benefit.

Oh, and here’s a photo I took of a bird, while I was hiking in Oregon.

by Shāymus MacĀmus